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Subject-matter experts (SMEs) are welcome on Wikipedia within their areas of expertise, subject to the guidance below on financial conflict of interest and on citing your work. See also: Wikipedia:Plain and simple conflict of interest guide Editors with a COI should follow Wikipedia policies and best practices scrupulously: you should disclose your COI when involved with affected articles; you are strongly discouraged from editing affected articles. They must work closely with a Wikipedia project or the general Wikipedia community, and are expected to identify their WiR status on their user page and on talk pages related to their organization when they post there. Instead, examine editors' behavior and refer if necessary to Wikipedia:Checkuser. Paid edits may be reviewed and revised in the normal course of work on Wikipedia. One form is "native advertising content that bears a similarity to the news, feature articles, product reviews, entertainment, and other material that surrounds it online. The client is on whose behalf the payment is made (usually the subject of the article). Some of these solicitations have been linked to fraud. Advertising Standards Canada edit The Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, administered by Advertising Standards Canada, states: "No advertisement shall be presented in a format or style that conceals the fact that it is an advertisement." Other categories of COI. When investigating COI editing, do not reveal the identity of editors against their wishes. For example: "Text inserted on behalf of paid editor User:X; copied from Draft:Paid draft." This transparency helps editors and readers to determine the extent of COI influence on the article.

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There can be a COI when writing on behalf of a competitor or opponent of the page subject, just as there is when writing on behalf of the page subject. Supplying photographs and media files edit Editors with a COI are encouraged to upload high-quality media files that are appropriately licensed for Wikipedia and that improve our coverage of a subject. Doi :.5840/bpej1982149 Luebke, Neil. Miscellaneous edit Solicitations by paid editors edit In any solicitation sent to a prospective client, paid editors should disclose the following information: Paid editors do not represent the Wikimedia Foundation nor the Wikipedia editing community, and they have no authority. Further information: Wikipedia:glam, Wikipedia:Advice for the cultural sector, and Wikipedia:The Wikipedia Library/Cultural Professionals Museum curators, librarians, archivists, and similar are encouraged to help improve Wikipedia, or to share their information in the form of links to their resources. How close the relationship needs to be before it becomes a concern on Wikipedia is governed by common sense. Similarly, if you're editing with a disclosed COI, you can ask for advice at coin. The article itself may be tagged with COI. Post whatever public evidence you have to support that there is a COI, or that it is causing a problem, in the form of edits or information the user has posted about themselves. Content is irrevocably added with every edit. The edit summary should include the name of the COI or paid editor, a link to the draft or edit request, and that the edit contains a COI or paid contribution. Law and Ethics in Biomedical Research: Regulation, Conflict of Interest, and Liability, University of Toronto Press. This is the policy of the English Wikipedia. Alternatively, the arbitration committee can be contacted by email.

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campaigns in the same area, you may have a conflict of interest. Example: A business owner has a potential COI with respect to articles and discussions about that business, but she has no actual COI if she stays away from those pages. Also see the section "Opening a coin" above. Paid editors edit Further information: Wikipedia:Paid-contribution disclosure If you are being paid for your contributions to Wikipedia, you must declare who is paying you, who the client is, and any other relevant role or relationship. If there are concerns about sockpuppets or meatpuppets, please bring that concern to WP:SPI. Wikipedia:Conflict of interest/Noticeboard, for practical advice for editors who might have a conflict of interest, see. Paid editors cannot guarantee any outcome for an article on Wikipedia. If you want to note the COI on your user page, you can use the UserboxCOI template: UserboxCOI template Edit your user page and type UserboxCOI1 Wikipedia article name, then click "save". Example: A business owner has an actual COI if he edits articles and engages in discussions about that business. Cultural sector edit "WP:curator" redirects here. During the coin discussion, avoid making disparaging remarks about the subject of the article, its author, or the author's motives. Covert advertising edit US: Federal Trade Commission, state law, and native advertising edit See also: Native advertising, Consumer protection, and Direct-to-consumer advertising All editors are expected to follow United States law on undisclosed advertising, which is described by the Federal Trade. Responding volunteers should therefore carefully check the proposed text and sources. Contact them before emailing private information and be guided by their advice.

However, adding numerous references to work published by yourself and none by other researchers is considered to be a form of spamming. If for some reason that is not advisable, or if it fails to resolve the issue, the next step is to open a discussion at the conflict-of-interest noticeboard (coin). Federal Trade Commission, 2015 To judge whether an ad is deceptive under the Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914, the FTC considers "both what the ad says and the format it uses to convey that information. If private information must be shared to resolve a COI issue, ask one or more uninvolved functionaries if they would be willing to examine the private details by email. Being paid to contribute sex göttingen privat tantra massage to Wikipedia is one form of financial COI; it places the paid editor in a conflict between their employer's goals and Wikipedia's goals. The media has several times drawn attention to companies that engage in COI editing on Wikipedia (see Conflict-of-interest editing on Wikipedia which has led to embarrassment for the organization concerned. The appropriate forum for concerns about sources is WP:RSN, the reliable-sources noticeboard. Paid editors must ensure that they own the copyright of text they have been paid to add to Wikipedia; otherwise, they are unable to release. If you propose changes to an affected article, you can use the request edit template. Edit On Wikipedia, editors with a conflict of interest who unilaterally add material tend to violate Wikipedia's content and behavioral policies and guidelines. Jstor (influential) Davis, Michael (Winter 1993). Most advocacy does not involve COI. A COI can exist in the absence of bias, and bias regularly exists in the absence of a COI. Note that no one on Wikipedia controls articles. Citations should be in the third person and should not place undue emphasis on your work. The FTC regards advertising as deceptive if it mimics a content format, such as a news report, that appears to come from an independent, impartial source: Marketers and publishers are using innovative methods to create, format, and deliver digital advertising. If you are an administrator, you must not use administrative tools for any paid-editing activity (except when related to work as a Wikipedian-in-residence, or as someone paid by the Wikimedia Foundation or an affiliate). If the same pattern of editing continues after the warning, the account may be blocked. Campaigning, political edit See also: WP:advocacy Activities regarded by insiders as simply "getting the word out" may appear promotional or propagandistic to the outside world. Do not post private information; see WP:outing, which is policy, and the section below, "Avoid outing". Citing yourself edit Using material you have written or published is allowed within reason, but only if it is relevant, conforms to the content policies, including WP:selfpub, and is not excessive. If there is anything publicly available on a topic that you would not want to have included in an article, it will probably find its way there eventually. "Conflicts of Interest and Self-Dealing in the Professions: A Review Essay Business Ethics Quarterly, 14(1. SMEs are expected to make sure that their external roles and relationships in their field of expertise do not interfere with their primary role on Wikipedia. Beliefs and desires may lead to biased editing, but they do not constitute a COI. Writing about yourself, family, friends edit Further information: Wikipedia:Autobiography and WP:blpcoi You should generally refrain from creating articles about yourself, or anyone you know, unless through the Articles for Creation process. Law of unintended consequences edit Further information: Wikipedia:Wikipedia is in the real world Once an article is created about yourself, your group, or your company, you have no right to control its content, or to delete it outside the normal channels.

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For more information, follow the instructions at Commons. If the proposal is verifiable and appropriate, it will usually be accepted. If a link cannot be used as a reliable source, it may be placed under further reading or external links if it complies with the external links guideline. Make sure nothing important is missing. Edit External roles and relationships edit While editing Wikipedia, an editor's primary role is to further the interests of the encyclopedia. Copyright of paid contributions edit See also: Work for hire Editors are reminded that any text they contribute to Wikipedia, assuming they own the copyright, is irrevocably licensed under a Creative Commons-Attribution-Sharealike license and the GNU Free Documentation License. See WP:teahouse if you have questions about these things. Bear in mind that Wikipedia is not a mirror or a repository of links, images, or media files. Why is conflict of interest a problem? Readers expect to find neutral articles written independently of their subject, not corporate or personal webpages, or platforms for advertising and self-promotion. Paid editors on talk pages edit Paid editors must respect the volunteer nature of the project and keep discussions concise.

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Single wellnessurlaub österreich kostenlose partnerseite Additionally, global policy requires that (if applicable) you must provide links on your user-page to all active accounts on external websites through which you advertise paid editing. If you advertise paid editing sex göttingen privat tantra massage through any external website, you must provide links on your user-page to all such accounts. Dealing with single-purpose accounts edit Further information: Wikipedia:Blocking policy Disruption-only, and Wikipedia:Single-purpose account Accounts that appear to be single-purpose, existing for the sole or primary purpose of promotion or denigration of a person, company, product, service, website, organization, etc.
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